is in process of transiting to its new domain ! The purpose of this transition is to focus more on Selenium and it mandated me to have new domain name related to technology associated with it. This transition is expected to complete by December 11, 2013 and will redirect to new domain […]

Its time for some Python stuffs with Selenium Webdriver. Selenium Webdriver Setup using Java and Ruby are readily available in my previous posts. Now let us see the implementation of Selenium test automation using Python as a scripting language. Selenium Webdriver setup for Python is made available through PythonBinding. This binding is facilitated by making use […]

Selenium automation tool isn’t monopoly and its robustness nature of allowing test developers to pick scripting language on one’s own expertise gained more popularity over other web automation tools. Selenium Webdriver Setup using Java available here. This post attempts to exhibit Selenium Webdriver’s extensibility of implementing test automation using Ruby as a choice of scripting language. […]

Sikuli is a visual technology to automate and test graphical user interfaces using screenshot images. This tool comes in handy when any of automation tools cannot identify any web object present in your application. The most recent version of JDK for sikuli to run seamlessly is JDK1.6 and not JDK1.7. If just in case, you […]

Have you ever wondered what the jargon – ‘test parametrization’ and/or ‘data driven approach’ mean in automation testing. These terms when put altogether facilitates to run repeated tests with different data ensuring to test cover every possible functional flows in the application. The responsibility of test developer is to develop a data driven infrastructure programatically […]

I bet you as a selenium user sometimes or other, must faced the problem of your selenium test script ran well for so many runs and now it launched firefox browser but stands without loading the driver.get(URL) and failed because of error after waiting for few seconds – “Webdriver Unable to connect to host […]

Web page object can refer to any of UI (User Interface) controls that exists in a particular web page. It can be a text, button, text box, drop down, radio button or any other UI elements. Automation test scripts exploit UI elements to simulate any user interaction that can happen in that particular page. The […]

Selenium – Though the letters in the word counts to 8 in total, it does more than it looks. It can be pronounced either as “se-LEE-nee-um” or “se-LEN-ee-um” and it is up to you to pronounce how you wish. Lets see an introduction and evolution of so called Selenium tool. Selenium is an open source […]

A process, in general with respect to software testing, can be better explained as a set of well defined rules and procedures by any organization to achieve high quality test deliverables for any applications/products under test. Software test process might vary from one organization to the other based on evolution of test process that is […]

JMeter – The term comes in every software tester/QA’s mind is that it is an open source load/performance testing tool used to test web applications. But in general, it is more than just a load testing tool for web application. This tool can be used on different file server types ranging from Web, SOAP, Database […]